Saturday, February 9, 2013

Navadvipa Bhava Taranga





Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

May the Dhama of Sri Navadvipa, measuring sixteen krosas in circumference, which is the crest jewel of all holy places and the resting place of all demigods, rsis & the Vedas, and which is the principle manifestation of the Lord`s sandhini potency, eternal existence upon which His cit & ananda potencies reside, become visible to my eyes.

May my eyes see the sixteen krosas of Vrindavana within Mathuramandala as identical with Navadvipa within Gauramandala. These Dhamas are but manifestations of one principle which is infinite & purely spiritual, and which, only for differing pastimes of the Lord, has taken the form of two abodes. By that one inconceivable potency (acintya sakti), infinite and spiritual, the Lord has brought these two Dhamas into the material world, in order to liberate the living entities dwelling here. This is simply the mercy of Sri Krishna. May the Maya bound men see this Vrindavana & Navadvipa Dhama.

Only by attaining proper qualification can the senses of the living entities taste the spiritual nectar of these Dhamas. Unqualified, material senses instead of tasting sweet nectar, scornfully deride these places as trifling bits of dull matter. Since the cause of qualification is Krishna Himself, coming through the mercy of the devotees, the living entities should seek out the association of pure devotees of the Lord. One cannot attain proper qualifications by following the paths of jnana and karma. Only by means of devotional faith, and by the association of the devotees of the Lord, can one overcome the poison of the material world. The very moment when the senses of the living entity give up material illusion, his eyes will see the splendour of the spiritual Dhama.

Oh, when will I attain that state? When will I see Sri Navadvipa Dhama, transcending the bounds of material existence? More cooling then the illumination of ten million moons, more effulgent than the brilliance of ten million suns, when will that Dhama appear before my eyes?

In the middle of the eight islands, which are the eight petals of the lotus, is the supreme island called Antardvipa, and in the centre of that dvipa rests Mayapur, appearance place of the Lord on earth. Upon seeing that, I shall achieve overwhelming bliss. The Vedas sing of the transcendental place called Brahmapura. When my eyes are free from illusion, I shall see that place as identical with Sree Mayapura. It is in this place the supreme Gokula or Mahavana of Vraja, that the son of Saci performed His eternal pastimes.

What was the bode of Gopas & Gopis (vaisyas) in Vraja has become the abode of brahmin families in Navadvipa Dhama. In the centre of Mayapur exist eternally the dwelling of brahmin Jagannath Misra, the supreme purifying agent. "Though eyes affected by material illusion will see there only a small house, some earth, water and a few articles, if Maya becomes merciful &lifts her covering, one will see the vast spiritual dwelling where Sri Gauranga is served by His eternal mother, father and countless servants, all incessantly mad with love. There Laksmipriya and Visnupriya , eternally serve the Lord`s lotus feet, Sri Gauranga, embodying the whole Panca Tattva in His wonderful body. Sri Nityananda & Sri Advaita, Gadadhara & Srivasa, and innumerable devotees have their individual places in Mayapur. Everywhere are the houses of the Vaisnavas. O Mayapur, please be merciful to me.

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