Friday, November 15, 2013

Open Letter: Mark Takano D-41st


Dear Rep. Takano,

What did you Dream? It's all right We told you what to Dream.

Where have you been? It's all right We told you where you've been...

Adapted from Welcome to the Machine

President Barack Obama has won two Presidential Elections and has been Inaugurated twice while the Salton Sea has been Chemically Despoiled. This being in 2008 -2009 and 2012 - 2013. With the Officially Recognized Chemical Attack in Ghouta, Syria in August, 2013 not only the credibility of the President but specifically those sworn officials and persons living in areas of California that have been highly exposed to the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. This clearly defines the 41st District and all of Riverside County.

The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth in the United States has a code name of MOEC - Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. The strongest allegation is that members of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom are the authorship and proximate cause.

The attack is based on a same sex qualification for Bill of Right Protections. At focus are the 8th and 14th Amendments. Hence there shall be no cruel and unusual treatment and equal protection - due process.

Since I am a heterosexual, I have been alienated from my legal rights in the United States. This has occurred in continuo since June 17, 1987 when a Gay Militia of LAPD officer Undermined then President Ronald Reagan.

Since this date five Presidents have been entrapped in what are known as the Irrationalist Presidents. Hence Reagan - Obama.

This attack is paired to Gay Marriage. Since the 2012 elections several stated have legalized Gay Marriage. In a few days there will be 16 states with such.

The premise that every act or process must have some legal or rational basis is one of the cornerstones of the LGBTi Movements presentation under equal protection and due process.

Imposing a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth over one's individuals natural person and citizenship is irrational and has no legal purpose whatsoever.

This action is a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States. Your biography states that your parents were interned during WWII.

I have a very strong presence in Inyo and Modoc California, and near Parker, Arizona where three of the most prominent Japanese Internment camps were located. There is also a very strong Native American presence in these areas. TheTorrez Martinez,  Paiute, Susanville Rancheria , and Colorado Tribes all figure prominently as very litigants against the United States and United Kingdom.

The CDC is reporting that there are about 865,000 persons living with HIV/AIDS. This is a huge problem since a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth could be fatal.

President Barack Obama is on target to have the worst Human Record in United States History.
There has been recent concern over What is an expert?

Daubert Standard

The admissibility of expert testimony and evidence since 1993 has been under the jurisdiction of the Federal Rules of Evidence 401, 402, 701, and 702. In Daubert v. Merell Dow Chemicals 509 U.S. 579 (1993), the Supreme Court agreed with respondent Merell Dow that an expert opinion based on a scientific technique was inadmissible unless such was accepted as reliable to the scientific community. The Court held that any methodology that significantly deviated from processes accepted by recognized authorities could not be established as a reliable technique (Keily 2006).

In Frye v. United States 54 App. D. C. 46, 293 F. 1013 No. 3968, upheld yielding to expertise when the issue concerns theory or facts that lie outside the domain of a layperson. Here the rules would permit a qualified expert to be admitted to testify. Chief Justice Van Ordsel argued from the defendants brief citing (Frye v. United States 1923):

"...When the question involved does not lie within the
range of common experience or common knowledge, but requires
special experience or special knowledge, then the opinions of
witnesses skilled in that particular science, art, or trade to which the question relates are admissible in evidence."

The Frye Standard is the general acceptance rule which is basically a stricter bar of those theories and methodologies that are adhered to by the pertinent scientific community and peer reviewed.

In Daubert Judge Blackmun agreed with Merell Dow that the general acceptance standard of Frye should be held under the provisions of Federal Rule of Evidence 702. Under these provisions the Daubert Factors emerged which govern the admissibility of scientific expert opinion (Mahle 1999):

1. Is the hypothesis or methodology falsifiable or third party verifiable?

2. Has the theory or method undergone peer review and publication?

3. Is there a known or potential error rate?

4. Has the theory and methodology been accepted by the pertinent scientific community?

The Daubert Trilogy refers to the three cases that helped to form the Federal Rules of Evidence especially 702:

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
General Electric Co. v. Joiner
Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael

Daubert is important in developing the use of a more liberal standard of admissibility of evidence generated by science to an admitted to a trier of fact in criminal and civil cases whether it be a judge or jury. The Daubert case developed an emerging challenge to traditional legal perceptions of science and particularly the role of expert testimony in the courtroom. The case would address these issues and develop practical rules for both inculpatory and exculpatory testimony and evidence. The need was from both the scientific and legal communities to develop an admissibility standard of which the Supreme Court would permit expert technical testimony and evidence while excluding charlatans from influencing a jury as experts (Orofino 1996).

Hence this attack pairs the most incompetent police officer Undermining the President now Obama. This creates a multilateral cohort rivalry between the police, president and myself.

There is a near Total Censorship or Cultural Singularity worldwide. I am the only person to have made a serious attampt to expose such.

Your colleagues Juan Vargas 51st, Raul Ruiz 36th, ex rep. Bono - Mack, and Obama are all tweeners born after 1960.

Prima Facie Harvard University has trained the most officials who will come under legal scrutiny for this attack.

The University of California has hired ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as president.

This school is noted for it's research and progressive posture which is damaged.

My identity is Vedic. I am ritvik Hare Krishna. This means I should be a strict lacto-vegetarian. Destroying the environment and targeted the practice of my faith would also negate any demonstration of expertise by anyone.

As an openly Gay sworn officer you should act. It is clear that the Gay Militia has done nothing to objectively sustain your historical or legal credibility.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA
November 15, 2013


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